What if I do not have a car or access to affordable transportation?2021-04-28T17:49:17-04:00

We believe a lack of transportation options should never prevent a person from receiving treatment for a psychiatric disorder. If you do not have access to affordable transportation, please contact us to discuss accommodations.

Affordable transportation options available upon request.

Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment?2020-06-04T18:26:34-04:00

We accept most insurance plans to provide psychiatric treatment to as many patients as possible. Insurance coverage and other financial resources available to you will be discussed during discussed during the initial assessment at no cost to you.

Who will be involved in my treatment?2018-06-17T19:26:34-04:00

Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary team that includes a psychiatrist, case manager, mental health associates and nurses. You will also interact with other patients in group therapy sessions. We strongly encourage family involvement. Teens have access to tutors who will help them stay on track with schoolwork.

Do you offer treatment for substance abuse?2018-06-18T15:31:36-04:00

While we do not have a substance abuse program, all our psychiatric treatment programs are designed to help patients with dual diagnosis (co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders). The psychiatric disorder must be the primary symptom.

Am I allowed to smoke cigarettes at the hospital?2018-06-20T15:47:42-04:00

Pembroke Hospital is a smoke-free facility. Tobacco use of any kind is not permitted anywhere on campus. We offer Nicorette gum and NicoDerm patches to patients who would like to try quitting during their stay.

How long will I stay at the hospital for an inpatient program?2018-06-17T19:31:13-04:00

A patient’s length of stay at the hospital depends on their needs and the severity of their condition. Once it is decided that your condition is stable enough for a less intensive level of care, the clinical professionals and staff overseeing your treatment will begin discharge planning.

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